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  1. Second generation 1967–1972 Chevy C10 Trucks
    I'm looking to convert the front drums to disks. I have quite a few questions. First, are they any other vehicles I can rob some spindles and such from? Conversion kits are so expensive so I was curious if I could get the necessary parts (such as spindles) from a junkyard. If anyone knows of any...
  2. Project Update Section, Post your Chevy Truck...
    New to this Forum. I have a customized 1970 c10 with automatic on the column and was wondering if anyone has ever changed out for a modern steering assembly with with radio controls on it that would feed into the newer after market radios.
  3. Second generation 1967–1972 Chevy C10 Trucks
    Hey guys, first post here. I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions as to how to remove chrome from the two bumpers with no/minimal damage to the metal underneath. I know a chrome shop is the first thing to try, but I am in college and don't have the money for that right now. Thanks fellas.
  4. Second generation 1967–1972 Chevy C10 Trucks
    Last week my Dad was driving his 1970 C20, not realizing it leaked oil he ran it dry. When I get home in the fall I'm going to help him pull the motor and do a rebuild. I want to make a part list before I get home so we are ready to go when it comes time. I would like your help identifying the...
  5. Welcome New Members. Say Hello Here
    hey guys! I'm Bryce from WA, just bought a 1970 c20 about a week ago , no motor but had the 4 speed trans with granny low, originally the truck came with a 292 inline 6 (previous owner blew it up and pulled it). I had a small block 350 sitting in the garage so i'm currently in the process of...
1-5 of 5 Results