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Old 02-27-2020, 04:07 PM
jonm925 jonm925 is offline
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Default Hello and a 72 Lowering/shock question.

Hello! Been on a while checking posts but this is my first question. I have a 63 C10 and a 72 C10 that my son started playing with.

We are in the process of lowering the 72 and we're looking at 3" in the front and 5" in the rear. It's recommended to get lowering shocks which makes sense however I see there are shock relocation kits for the front and back. Should we just get the lowering shocks (used in stock location) or use the relocation kits with stock shocks. Just wasn't sure if you should use both. Called the tech at a vendor and didn't quite get a definitive answer. Thanks for any help.
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Old 02-28-2020, 07:34 PM
61stepside 61stepside is offline
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Hello jonm925
I’m pretty new here but I can try to help with what I can...
I’m pretty sure you would be fine with using either or ( relocation mount or drop shock) but I would not use both together like you have mentioned. If it was my truck, I would go with the drop shocks but maybe someone else will chime in. Hope this helps!
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Old 11-28-2020, 02:24 PM
mjgord51's Avatar
mjgord51 mjgord51 is offline
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Its always when you change the stock height of something you need to change the shocks most of the time but (some exceptions come into play). Here's an example lowering the rear with a 4" drop springs using "Nolimits shock relocating kit they recommend using there "A" length shock witch is 12.75" closed, 21" open with a ride height of 17" +/-. that being said the stock OEM shocks would be a little bit taller (just guessing here) at stock 13"/14" closed, 22"/23" open and 18"/19" ride height. Think of it this way you raise up a truck the shocks will also be taller than stock and lowering a truck you also need to shorten the shocks BUT when you re locate with new bracketry and use drop spindles these also will maybe change but most likely no change with drop spindles, now as with the rear changes springs, lowering blocks and relocating brackets also change things around.

Get informed with your trucks stock height or your vehicle's stock height then get the info from who's selling the drop springs, the relocating kits and drop spindles for what they recommend using for shocks wise.

Good luck.
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