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Default Classic Performance Products = Click here to see all of our products

Click on any links below to Visit CPP for more information

Original Replacement Control-Arms

Economy Control Arm Upgrade Kit

Original Style Gas Tanks for Fuel Injections
Mustang II IFS Kits

Hydraulic Brake Assist Systems
Deluxe Chassis Upgrade Kit

OE Style BB Pump Kits
Kevko Oil Pan Kits

Improved Design Front & Rear Sway Bars

Classic Fit™ Steering Columns
OE Distribution Blocks, Hold Off Valves & Brake Line Tees

Camaro Stock Subframe Kit
Complete Performance Package

400 Series™ Power Steering Boxes
Totally Tubular™ Complete Coil Spring & Shock Kits

Booster Kits
C5 Spindles

Billet Hood Hinges
Porterbuilt Dropmember Kits

LS Engine Upgrades
Pro-Touring Kits

Mustang Brake Kits

NEW 2" Drop Spindles
with 12" Brakes

Billet U-Joints

Chevy Truck Modular Drop Spindle and Front and Rear Big Brake Kits

QA1 Coil Over Kits & adjustable Shocks Disc Brake Kits

Camaro/Nova Coil Over Kits
1967-69 Camaro Front Subframe with new Pro-G™ Suspension
Front and Rear Big Brake Kits

For Chevy Truck Big Brakes Kits see the Chevy Truck Modular Drop Spindle and Front and Rear Big Brake Kits section.
Click Here!

Transmission / Engine Mounts

Mopar Brake Kits

New and Improved Spindles

63-72 Chevy truck rear Suspension

500 Series Steering Boxes MINI™ Sub-frame Kits New MCPV-1 Master Cylinder Rear Trailing Arm Kits
Manual and Power Rack and Pinion Kits Wilwood Disc Brake Kits Hi-Performance Cross-Shafts
w/Poly Plus Bushings Tubular Control Arms

The Newest of the NEW!

Project Bel Air
Classic Performance Products along with Kelly and Son Crazy Painters will be building for 2012 "Project Bel Air". You won't want to miss this build so be sure to follow this amazing project from start to finish, It's gonna be a wild ride! Read Project Bel Air

Do you have our printed catalog?

Classic Performance Product’s brand new product catalog (#19) features full-color images, technical
information, invaluable reference materials and hundreds of new parts and accessories for classic
GM, Ford, G-Body, Mopar cars and trucks. CPP, a leader in the steering, brakes and suspension industry for many decades, is proud to offer one of the most complete parts and accessories reference guide available on the market. This catalog is overflowing with all the up-to-date parts you’ll need to improve the ride, handling and performance of your classic vehicle. All of Classic Performance’s parts are guaranteed for life!
Get your Catalog Today!

WIN Two Stingrays!

Get your Catalog

Walk-in Store Hours Mon - Fri 8am-5pm Saturdays 8am-1:30pm

Check out
CPP Shop Talk...
a more in-depth look at our latest products

Need Help?

Read our technical articles that help you to choose and install the right products to complete your project. Tech Articles Instruction Sheets Steering Column Installation Guide GM and Mopar BodyChart Booster Brake Pressure Chart Tubing Tutorial Bolt Circle Template Disc Brake, Power Steering Installation andTechnical Guide

Jim Ries explains how to make your car turn and stop

The Classic Performance Story / Shop Tour
POLYPLUS™ Performance Graphite Bushings deliver superior performance and vastly increased durability. Exclusively available from CPP.


See Our Current Published Magazine Ads

Visit the CPP Official Blog

Project Nova
Follow along as team CPP builds a Max-Performance Nova. Complete build series along with videos!
Click here to get started.

SEMA Global Media Awards

Read the whole story

CPP Logo Keychains Keep all your cool keys on this mini version of one of CPP's classic rotor and calipers combinations. The keychain is 3.5" in length from key ring to rotor. The rotor, which is 1-1/8" in diameter, actually rotates around the caliper. Makes an ideal gift. Available in four colors.
Buy One Today!

Classic Performance Products
36 Years of Service CPP is a leader in creating computer designed disc Brake, Power Steering and Suspension parts. We also offer engine and transmission mounts and much more.

Books, Manuals, Apparel and Chrome Accessories - at Greg's

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