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Originally Posted by Blue Goose View Post
Wow that is strange.We had half dozen of that generation of trucks although all were manual brakes and they stopped just fine.Even the earlier models that were drum\drum did fine.I'm assuming yours is disc\drum d52 in front and 11x2 out back.Are you sure vacumn line to booster is not collapsed.Just sounds like something with power assist.I have seen a big difference in the brake lining material but mostly on later models that went semi metallic or ceramic.I do alot of brake work and see sometimes the friction compound just doesn't stop well so I go to a different brand.My best luck was with Bendix.
Thank you for your reply Blue Goose.......There was some speculation that this was originally a manual brake system, but there is no way to know for sure that I know of.
The old brake system(front D52/rear 11"x 2")was what was on it and replaced numerous times before this last replacement using upgraded Delco and CCP mstr.cylinder / booster.
After this latest upgrade it does stop much better, but still not like any power assisted brake system that I have used before.
Everything has been replaced this last time, checked and double checked......with the exception of the steel lines that run from the master cylinder to each flex line. They said that these had good fluid flow.
In the past it has been suggested that I use different brake pads for better stopping power and there was no noticeable difference to me.
I have 18 inches of vacuum currently and it said that this is a minimum and my mechanic said that he wanted to try one more thing and that being installing a vacuum pump on my truck to see it that changes anything and if needed then purchase and install my own.
After this last upgrade it does stop better, but still not like any power assisted brake system that I ever experienced.
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