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Default 1972 K-10 Odd Brake Problem

I have owned my 72 K-10 for approx. 30 years and actually used it for my primary work vehicle for 16 years straight..... and without adequate brakes. I have spent approx. $15,000 over the years trying to fix my brake problem. I just spent $2,600. last week totally reworking the brake system again with all new parts front & back....with the exception of the original steel lines which had good flow. These were top notch mechanics that studied this truck for two weeks and they thought they could fix it and still no brakes.
Every mechanic including my self says the same thing about the hard pedal and lack of stopping power......its a bad m.cylinder/booster of which I have replaced several times over the years including this time and still.....no brakes.
The symptoms are always the same.....a hard pedal, as if I didn't have vacuum assist or like squeezing the brake fluid through some kind of blockage which is reminiscent of no vacuum, but I have great vacuum. The vacuum booster was changed out twice this time with new replacement booster and once with a working booster from another truck of the same model. Also the proportioning valve was changed out several times and still no difference.
I have a shop manual and know the procedure to bleed the brakes on this model using the tool to hold in the proportioning valve pin etc. etc.
I am beginning to think that this truck is just not ever going to have good brakes..............any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
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