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Originally Posted by CPyles View Post
I have a 69 C10 which is my first restoration project. The previous owner caulked the inside of the drip rails in an obvious attempt to fix leaks. The front of the inside roof has rust pin holes so I will be getting the patch panel for that. When looking at the rails they look good but I'm sure there is rust in the channel under the caulking. I see that there are replacement drip rails for the sides but I don't see any available for the front. What do folks usually do? I've read that people have filled the rails. What do they fill the rails with? This seems like a better option considering I am a novice welder. Any tips on what to do with the rails would be appreciated. Thanks.

First Welcome to the forum Chris, glad to have you here... You`ll need to pull all the old caulking out, use a heat gun if its hardened and a screwdriver, then change to a wire wheel and a drill, get it clean, weld all pin holes and patch panels as needed, then epoxy prime the area, then use a self leveling seam sealer like Evercoat by 3M, works great use the mid level sealer, a little more time to work, place a piece of tape in areas ( as a dam ) where you think it will run out...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FcE3FF3q_w Then paint your desired color over the seam sealer.
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