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I would think with that hitch you could pull as much as 20k depending on gear ratio and you will need a really good trans cooler.The one in the radiator wont be enough.We had several c30's that were big block and 400 trans that we pulled 20k gooseneks on a regular basis.Fuel mileage sucked but we only had one trans failure.That was after close to 200k on the drive train.My boss had a f150 ext cab with 460 and c6 and he pulled a travel trailer with the equalizer hitch.Had us put a pin for the goosenecks and it pulled ok.The problem was it was to much for the suspension.The c30's had 3.73 and 4.10 gearing but also had 16 inch wheels.Best bet is make sure you have a really good trans cooler or you'll fry the seals in the trans
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