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CanuckwithaTruck 05-15-2020 07:36 AM

My 1980 field rescue
Hello, this is my first post to a forum since i was about 14 years old, and im 30 now lol. I wanted to catalog my project on this forum, so I can help others with their project or receive help with my own project. I am a mechanic, but I definitely do not know everything. In fact I know nearly nothing about carbed vehicles. I grew up in the age of fuel injection and havent worked with much else. Anyway, I went out to a farm to find a truck to work on and I was out there to look at a 79 f250, 400ci, 3 speed auto but sitting next to it was this buried in snow and forgotten c10. It was in amazing condition for a 1980 that hasnt moved since 1990(thats when it was last registered, best i can tell) so long story short I rescued the c10 instead. I might still go back for that ford, but for the time being this is getting all of my attention.

edit-the pictures are wayyyyy to big, help? how can i make my uploaded pics from imgbb smaller?

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