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RoadTrip 10-14-2020 08:42 PM

BBC and 700R4
I am looking into rebuilding (having it done by a professional) a 700 and putting it behind a slightly modified BBC. Estimated HP from engine is right at 500. I know the 700 in stock condition is only good for about 350 HP but I have seen a few kits (Monster is one) that are available that can supposedly handle 500+ HP. Kits are expensive though. Can anyone give me recommendations on options for overhaul kits that are a bit more "reasonable" in cost? I have heard Borg Warner sells (or the kits available contain certain BW parts) some for around $450-550. Would anyone have experience with these kits? Any recommendations? Again, I know the 700 is not the tranny of choice behind a BBC but I really want to try it. I have my gears and wheels set up for the extra gear. Will have another question regarding lock up after I can get squared away on this one. Thanks!!

Fussy&Grumpy 12-10-2020 08:44 PM

Honestly, making horsepower costs money - so does getting it to the ground.

Myself, I haven't spent much time reviewing the Monster Transmission site, so I am unable to comment on their products.

An associate of mine does have a big block Chevy in front of a 700R4 with Sonnex parts - the first time was a stock one, and he made it less than fifteen miles. With his, he as realistic in the horsepower he was twisting through it and ended up spending about $4000 start to finish - transmission with upgraded parts, pan, cooler, lock-up kit.

From what I have seen with my own eyes, the extra money spent is piece of mind - it also means some of the improvements I have planned for my engine will need to wait until I have my 700R4 completed properly (I am too cheap to risk lunching the transmission for no other reason than prevarication.)

I figure by the time I am done, my transmission will cost a little over a third of the cost of my small block.


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